The SPECTRuM Project

Strategic Peer-Enhanced Care and Retention Model

The “Strategic Peer-Enhanced Care and Retention Model” (SPECTRuM) project aimed to expand access to and improve retention in HIV care and treatment for PLWHA. To achieve this goal, the project implemented a two-pronged approach:

  • Strategy 1: Employ a nurse-peer team to work with the existing HIV health care service delivery system to provide intensive services
  • Strategy 2: Strengthen communication strategies between the HIV surveillance system and health care providers to enhance retention in quality HIV care

Four sites are implementing Strategy 1 and six sites are implementing Strategy 2 across Massachusetts. Center staff and consultants provided technical assistance to the state and its partner sites on project implementation and evaluation and have produced an implementation manual that describes the processes and lessons learned from the SPECTRuM project. The manual provides information and resources for clinics and organizations to enhance their current service delivery model that engages and retains PLWHA in care and treatment. The project was sponsored by the State of Massachusetts, Department of Public Health, Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences, Office of HIV/AIDS, through funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration, Special Projects of National Significance (HRSA/SPNS).