The Dissemination and Evaluation Center

Improving Health Outcomes Along the HIV Care Continuum

The Dissemination and Evaluation Center (DEC) was formed in 2015 as part of the Dissemination of Evidence-Informed Interventions to Improve Health Outcomes along the HIV Care Continuum Initiative, a Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) initiative. The DEC will adapt four previous HRSA HIV care interventions for replication, design a multisite evaluation plan, study the implementation of the four interventions with an Implementation Science framework, and disseminate successful practices to clinics and other HIV caregivers. The four interventions that will be adapted, evaluated, replicated, and disseminated are:

While seeking to improve the HIV Care Continuum outcomes of linkage, retention, re-engagement and viral suppression among persons living with HIV, the DEC will focus its work on the evaluation of the implementation process. By taking an Implementation Science (IS) approach, the DEC will gain insight into the barriers and facilitators of successful implementation of each of the four interventions to guide future replication of the interventions. Learn more about the Dissemination of Evidence-Informed Interventions project at

Project Impact

While the DEC is still in its early phase, the end goal of the initiative is to produce four evidence-informed Care And Treatment Interventions that are replicable; cost-effective; capable of producing optimal HIV Care Continuum outcomes; and easily adaptable to the changing healthcare environment.


Project Team Members